One To One

Practitioners  who wish to be introduced to the practice at their own pace, or to deepen their practice in a particular way, may consider taking a private session. Teaching of tailor-made programmes can be designed for beginners to advanced level. 


Beginners with little or no experience of meditative techniques have found these sessions particularly useful as the teaching can move from basic techniques to more complex according to the needs of the practitioner.


One can also choose to use these sessions to lean Sanskrit - the original language of mantra meditation.  An individualised programme can be designed moving from simple sounds to the sounding of a complete verses..


Some practitioners have used these sessions to help clear artistic blocks, allowing artists, musicians and writers to work in new, creative and unexpected directions.


If one is interested in in perennial wisdom (Zen, Advaitic, Christian Gnostic, Neitzsche and Schopenhaur philosophies) an individual programme can be designed that is both accessible and challenging.


There is also an option of small group work (maximum three) to share the experience and cost.