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About The Classes 


Experience within many different traditions has led to an understanding that each meditation technique has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. For example, the powerful sound meditations are best taught after the gentler breath technique. The object meditations (sound and breath) are best taught before the more demanding open meditative techniques. With this in mind, the first part of the lesson tends to focus on gentle clearing practices enabling relaxation. Only then, do we move on to the more powerful and advanced open techniques. 

The classes are non-religious and free of any dogma..

The classes are taught on a reflective and responsive basis.  

The classes are small - maximum 12 people. Individual needs can therefore be met in a friendly environment. Students sit on chairs and no special equipment or clothing is needed.

All classes are inclusive to beginners and time is freely provided to answer questions. There is no requirement to give feedback and that which is given is received openly. 


There are presently two group classes. 

 Monday tends to focus on the essential meditative insights of Taoism, the Upanishads, Christianity and Zen Buddhism, as well as the western philosophical insights of Zarathustra. This has enabled the groups to have a taste of the perennial wisdom at the heart of all the great 'Being' traditions. Plenty of time is then given for reflection and group discussion.  Philosophy is taught in the context of meditation and always in an open and accessible way.


Saturday tends to focus on the 'The Meditation Toolbox' where a range of techniques are taught, including breath, sound, body and open Zen meditations. The aim is for practitioners to be enabled to use the appropriate technique to deal with life's many challenges. 


Both classes are taught in Crouch End, N8 North London, which is known for its creative and village like atmosphere. 

Saturdays classes are held in spacious and relaxing rooms at The Haelan Centre, a major complimentary clinic in Crouch End. 

Classes overlook the famous Clock Tower in the Town Centre. The area provides a warm, homely setting, for meditation practice.


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